Reflections Prior to Spring 2015

Spring 2015 is 3  weeks away.   We all need a “reboot”………..In the Americas– especially Northeast USA, a “reboot” refresher is necessary!  Frigid winter weather seems to be unprecedent and is record breaking.  Climate change is real.That is another topic!  However, let’s get back to “reboot”……

yes — “reboot”  — I keep repeating it!  …..where are my /’ your reset buttons?  What plug do I pull out then replug in?  Why do I use tech analogies for us as humans?  LOL…..because we’re really plugged in and looking at our screens of all sizes!  and maybe an upgrade….personally and not your desktop / laotip / smart device!  We as humans need upgrades!


……….and reflect a minute or two.