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Reflections on the Human ConditionWisdom from “Òsá Otúá”


Revealed on Ojo Jakuta — 1st May 2018 / shared on Ojo Ose Ifa 03 May 2018
By Baba Antonio Mondesire,
Awo Ifá Ol’Obàtálá

To begin, thanks to Awo Falokun for the invitation to share in this needed process of upgrading our understanding of Ifa messages.

I was strongly guided to keep it clear. direct and simple — but it is not easy. We all need to work!

So. let’s savor the message like a well decorated plate of flavorful food.

Message from odu Òsá Otúá:

* Seek Truth!
* Be truthful!

The following are select verses to savor +!reflect upon. Recommended: read verses over and over and over….. reflect…… and reflect some more…..!!

When you start to sync up with the wisdom……rejoice!

* He/she that’s steps into the river would know the depth of the water

* He/she that shouts a cry for help…..will widen his / her eyes up to the sky

* Seek the truth

* Be truthful, be honest

* He/she who is truthful — Divinity will support

In closing, when you start to sync up with the wisdom……and feel it…….rejoice!

Respectfully Submitted,

Baba Antonio Mondesire,
· Awo Ifá Ol’Obàtálá