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Reflections on the Human Condition Series Wisdom of Ifa from “Osa Eleye” Revealed on Ojo Ose Ifa (Ifa Prayer Day) 17th April 2018

To begin, thanks to Awo Falokun for the invitation to share on his Facebook page  on this needed process.


“It” is a work in progress.


“It” has prompted this resultant work.


And the work is for humanity.


It is a “prayer”.


Sober reflection on the myriad disappointments in this current phase of the human condition in this contemporary society – local and global.

Digitally drenched in newsfeeds – fake and “actual – and sitting in quiet desperation is morally / ethically and viscerally unacceptable.

Following the “prompt” to share some “messages” from the ALMIGHTY via Ifa — “Osa Eleye (Osa Meji) was revealed on Ifa Prayer day – the 17th day of April 2018.

These messages from Osa Eleye is for us – humans — on Mother Earth to pay close attention….AND….act individually then collectively on more than a “handful” of items on an important “to do” list.

It marks “revolution”. Personal and societal.

The advice:

  • Contemplate and respect robust, fomenting and resilient Feminine Power in all forms: Human / “Non-Humans” / Corporal / Non-Corporal. Sober contemplation, reflection, and deference to this significant attribute of this odu.
  • Pay close attention to human representations of strong, resilient Feminine Power in our current society – locally and globally.

o here are but a few examples – take notes:

Men – we need to pay attention.

  • Consciousness / consciencia: We all need to upgrade awareness of “cycles.” We are living through a powerful one with these “phases” that are unprecedented for many of us. And sobering. Even gut wrenching — on many levels with plenty of examples. Make a list of the current affairs of humans that rock you to your core. What are you / we going to do?

Here are two examples that are personal:

o Post hurricane, Maria Puerto Rico and the loss of my elder first cousin. She was started a new chapter in her life of retirement after giving a life of service AND surviving the South Bronx for 74 years. Tough as nails. “Maria” prompted her transition. Post- Maria PR is prompting many “transitions”.

o Unresolved and brewing contention with North Korea. My late father returned from the Korean “war” sixty five years ago with severe PTSD. PTSD in 1953? The condition was “unknown” and “unnamable”. Who had compassion for him, us and the thousands returning vets back then? What did he “fight” for? So, this current contentious narrative of North Korea is more than sobering.

With this odu, Ifa is prompting us as humans. We have to de better.

  • What is on the “agenda” for the next “phase” in this cycle we’re living in? How are we doing with that? Preparing? For what?
  • Truth / La Verdad = Otito in Yoruba. You / We need to face “truth.” We need to be truthful. Be prepared for bitter along with sweet. We need to study “truth” like a new software app we’re excited to use daily.
  • Ifa says in this odu: Take a deep, clear-headed, honest self-reflection of one’s own life. In-depth “look “in the mirror”. We need to make this relevant as we observe ourselves and this society “morphing”. Into what? Where do you / we fit into this transition?

Reflect on the myriad of examples. The pros and cons. What’s working / not working?

  • Your / our reflection should reveal a truth/truths that should open the way towards a “freedom” after “it” gets you/us “upset” / moved out of our comfort zone. Who governs “opening the way?
  • We need to be grounded / prepared to be continuously provoked by this principal of “instigation.” This odu is a “puja” / goad and it prompts.

Reflect on all sources of inputs — especial mass media and social media. How is this information / mis-information / dis-information “sitting” with us? Is it confusing us or helping us us to discern the truth?

We all need to seek truth.

  • In this odu, Ifa says to us humans — to modify ourselves, we are prodded — as in being provoked — on many levels. Reflect on this and make a list. Make those provocations positive as in a stimulus for positive action.
  • An honest observation of human society — we all are being prompted to make changes. Resist, and we lose.
  • Worthy of reflection:

o “Nje awa oju o? Where are the eyes? We now possess time to see our lives……for what it really is.


o “Aye, nwoju omo re kiri awa roju asi ri Aye”: Mother Earth is looking for “the “face/eyes” of her own children.

o who are “we” to Mother Earth? What is our actual relationship with Her?

o She wants to know…….

  • Given the intensity of the current phase in this cycle, “Mama / Iya” — in all her manifestations — is giving an assertive if not aggressive push towards developing good character.

This is a test……….. How are we doing?

  • We all want “Ire Aje” / Blessings from “Wealth”. We are prompted to develop individual / collective wealth through a time tested formula: self-knowledge > self-development > personal wealth. “Outer” and “material” wealth should follow.
  • Worthy of serious reflection: Sango was victorious in winning a “cold war” based on his preparedness.
  • Contemplate this odu as principals of Ifa, Obatala, and Sango for personal and collective “success.” One simple example: Use White Cloth / Avoid using red cloth.
  • Avoid peanuts and associated products. Reflect on why many have allergic reaction to peanuts as an immune response.
  • Avoid consuming / over-consumption of our “feathered relations of the Bird Nations” and their products like eggs. WE are prompted to ask: Why do we humans consume millions upon millions of birds anyway? Are they the best source of nutrition? Are they slaughtered in the millions in a respectful manner? What is our relationship to the “bird nations?
  • Ifa advises to be faithful in relationships. Have we have witnessed enough betrayal and treachery? Individually and collectively? When is “this” going to diminish?
  • We are advised to be mindful of our intentions and resultant power of enunciation. Simply, don’t “curse” anyone or any “thing”. We all want to avoid contribution to negative karmic cycles that seem endless.
  • This odu prods us to study “Cycles”. Personally, collectively and “globally”. Suggestion:
  • “The Vicious Cycle that has undermined the Common Good of the US Society. Then, the Science and Spirit of the Ocean.”



It is clear that the opportunities to create an upgrade to our human society are upon us. We all have to contribute bit by bit / poner de nuestra parte….grano a grano.

Many of us may be motivated by utopian / democratic / egalitarian ideals that may reflect our strong spiritual values. We live in highly politicized cultures.

What does Mother Earth want us to do?

To conclude, this is an ongoing process.

A work in progress.

We all have to contribute.

Mama is watching………..


Respectfully Submitted,

Baba Antonio Mondesire,

Awo Ifá Ol’Obàtálá