As the old saying goes, a journey of 1,000 miles starts with a few small steps.  We want to give thanks and show gratitude to the good heart, clear thinking and the support of friends and associates along the way.  Helping hands — go a long way…..we don’t forget……as each one teaches one / one hand does wash the other………

And, of course, this is a work in progress…..what / who is not a work in progress………LOL

AND this list of “Agradecimineto / Showing Gratitude” is also growing, so stay tuned…………. tuned………….

…… For starters, first round of words of appreciation go to these individuals and organizations:

First is to Edwin Cabrera – a friend for decades and Martial Art teacher — who took the time and shared heart and valuable insights / tips for the concept of this site.  Gracias!  As a Teacher / Entreprenuer, he out performs most — with a discipline that is formidable.  Check out his  enterprises:

Second, to Kevin Childress — who has become a valuable colleague and friend whose insights, tech savvy and commitment to the larger picture of uplifting human condition — is well appreciated.

SNW Logo

Check him out here:

Third, to Tomas Pena – a  good friend and colleague – heartfelt lover of music – invited me to integrate my heartfelt love of music  — with “working my chops at wordsmithing” — to create – as a contributing writer – to his excellent website:

Fourth, the Interfaith Center of New York — doing good work I belive the ALMIGHTY wants us all to do.  With the intensity of current events, they are taking active steps to encourage communication and support dialogue.  Those are seeds to create solutions.  We need solutions!  Take a look:


ICNY hd Logo with name

Fifth, Church of th Lukumi Babalu Aye (CLBA) under the leadership of Oba Ernesto Pichardo —  a friend and colleague — who has proven beyond standard measures — heart of gold, superior ethics, integrity , intelligence, courage and a time proven consistence / persistence.  His track record proves it.   His wife, Nydia Pichardo deserves honorable mention and words of appreciation here for her heart and creativity.  Especially in the kitchen!  LOL…….

CLBA = Excellent resource:



This list of “appreciative  resources” is GROWING!  Stay tuned!