Spring 2015….What should it Mean?


It is “spring 2015” — today at 6:45 pm EST…..”officially”….even as snow and damp cold is covering New York City!  So, how can we sync up with “well-being” as we ponder “spring 2015” under these interesting conditions?

Let’s focus on “rejuvenation” despite the unusual weather.  We all need to rejuvenate…..regenerate….like the trees and plants we’ll see budding in a couple of weeks.


Spring = growth period / new beginnings.  Color = green.  Ifa’s symbolic color…..where solar power is encoded in photosynthesizing green pigment.

Time to photo-synthesize….get your solar power going from within and from the sun and build up your “well-being”.


Stay tuned……..as we “grow like vines” this spring!


Stay tuned……..as we “grow like vines” this Spring!